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Breast Reconstruction

If you’re facing or have undergone a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or radiation therapy for treatment or prevention of breast cancer, Breast Reconstruction surgery or Correction of Prior Breast Reconstruction provides a way to create a new, natural appearing and feeling breast and nipple. The goal of breast restoration procedures is to renew your sense of self and your confidence by restoring your breast shape and appearance, while creating symmetry with the opposite breast when needed.

“I had Stage 3 breast cancer and elected to have a bi-lateral mastectomy. I wanted breast reconstruction so started meeting with Dr. Burke and her Nurse Practitioner, Sam, a few months prior to the surgery. They were both incredibly helpful. I remember that their first words to me were, “I’m sorry to be meeting you under these circumstances.” They took time to explain all of my options, review pre-surgical requirements, as well as potential post-op complications. Dr. Burke is incredibly talented, but does not display any sense of “ego” at all. What an approachable lady!”
– RealSelf Review
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Breast Cancer Recovery

A breast cancer diagnosis is an emotionally challenging time, and Dr. Burke believes your care is part of a team effort between you, your doctors, your family and support system. Dr. Burke will begin by listening to your concerns and goals and will discuss the treatment options available. Dr. Burke will also work closely with your breast surgeon and oncologist to review your treatment plan, including timing of reconstruction prior to cancer treatment.

Timing is important to both your physical and emotional health. Breast Reconstruction surgery can be performed at the time of surgery (immediate), or weeks to years after your initial surgery (delayed), depending on additional therapies required and your personal preference. Correction of Prior Breast Reconstruction can be performed months to years following the initial procedure that did not meet your expectations.

“I was sent to Dr. Burke by my surgeon. She was wonderful. I had many questions and was very confused at the time. She spent quite awhile with me and answered all my questions. I am so grateful for her skills and compassion. I highly recommend her. I am completely happy with her and her entire staff.”
– RealSelf Review
Your results may vary.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Options

A variety of specialized techniques exist for Breast Reconstruction surgery. Dr. Burke will work with you to determine the options that will best achieve your individual goals. The most frequently used techniques include:

What to Expect from Your Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction is performed under general anesthesia. One or more nights in the hospital will be recommended depending on the timing of your mastectomy and the reconstruction technique chosen.

Recovery from breast reconstruction depends on the techniques used. You can generally return to normal daily activities within 7-10 days and your regular routine within 4 weeks. Results can be long term, but weight fluctuations, implant changes, or natural aging may alter your appearance.

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