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VISIA® Complexion Analysis

Your skin could look one way on its surface, but how do you know what your skin actually looks like deep down?

VISIA Can Show You

Dr. Renee Burke and her highly trained aesthetic staff use VISIA Complexion Analysis to go beyond just what you see and gain valuable insight about the health and condition of your skin. VISIA is an advanced system that uses IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized and UV lighting to accurately scan, record, and analyze both the surface and subsurface conditions of your skin.


VISIA is as simple as sit-and-scan. While your head rests comfortably, a capture module rotates around your face to take an in-depth “snapshot” of the multiple layers of your skin. Using UV photography, VISIA is able to provide a precise assessment of your skin, helping to highlight common concerns such as sun damage, spider veins, discoloration, rosacea, or acne.

What does this all mean for your skin? With this in-depth complexion analysis, Dr. Burke and her aesthetic staff can determine what treatments will be best for your skin and how to personalize them based on your unique skin type and condition. You can even compare the condition, health, and TruSkin Age® before and after your treatments to see exactly how much your skin has improved.

Learn More About VISIA

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