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Are My Emotions Normal? 3 Things Women Think Following Their Breast Augmentation


Excited for their enhanced bust line, many women get ahead of themselves and overlook the whirlwind of feelings that can occur after their breast augmentation. Having altered your figure permanently, it is understandable that you may experience a range of emotions. Our advice: be prepared and know that it is completely normal to have these feelings.
To help you cope, we want to share with you three unexpected feelings that women commonly struggle with following their augmentation.

My breasts are too high!

Many women are startled by how high their breasts sit initially after their surgery. While the addition of an implant makes for an immediate change, this is not their final resting place. Understand that it can take time for your body to adjust to its new shape. Even “two weeks after surgery is far too soon to determine your final shape and implant position,” says Dr. Burke. She continues, “Allow 3 to 6 months for your implants to settle into position.”

Did I make the right choice?

Conflicted, many women second guess their decision. As you recover, you can expect to ask yourself, “Should I have done this?” “Is this for me?” Take a deep breath and be confident in your decision. Maybe even make a list of all of the reasons you wanted a breast augmentation. Once assured that you made the right choice, you will be able to relax and enjoy your new breasts.

Did I go big enough?

Loving their ample bust, many women wonder if they went big enough. If you do find yourself wanting to go bigger, Dr. Burke recommends waiting until you are completely settled in your new look “before making any decisions on what to do.” If you still want to go bigger, “I would consult back with your plastic surgeon and maybe discuss doing a breast implant exchange for a larger sized implant,” advises Dr. Burke.

Loving the New You

More than anything, Dr. Burke wants you to feel comfortable in your newly enhanced body. Dedicated to the success of your breast augmentation, Dr. Burke is always available.

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