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Cellulaze uses the newest laser technology to attack the very structure that creates unflattering cellulite. Cellulite, contrary to popular belief, is a structural problem under the skin rather than a fat problem. In just one treatment, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase your skin’s natural depth while gaining a smoother, healthier look.


Dr. Burke performs the unique Cellulaze treatment using laser energy to disrupt trapped pockets of fat, release fibrous bands that pull down the skin, and stimulate collagen growth, so you can be on your way to long-lasting, beautiful skin.

Meet Dr. Renee Burke

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Burke creates exceptional results by combining the skill of an accomplished plastic surgeon with empathy and compassion.


Laser cellulite reduction is ideal for women who are not significantly overweight but have mild to moderate cellulite. The procedure is minimally invasive. Dr. Burke will insert a small tube under the skin and direct laser energy to problem areas to increase the depth and quality of your skin and diminish lumpy pockets of fat.

The procedure is performed using a local anesthetic, which will allow you to return to your normal activity within a day or two. The procedure increases the thickness and elasticity of the skin, which helps to flatten and smooth the skin’s surface. While patients may notice some results right away, the appearance of the skin typically improves gradually.

If you would like more information about Cellulaze with Dr. Burke, please give our office a call at  (847) 382-4400 to schedule your consultation.