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What Can a Breast Lift do for You?


Have you ever walked past a mirror and realized that how you look isn’t the same as you thought you did—or as you felt? Over time our bodies change, and women face unique issues adjusting to changes with their breasts, resulting from age, pregnancy, or weight loss. As a woman, Dr. Renee Burke is extremely aware of how self-conscious a woman might feel if her image in the mirror does not reflect what she has seen in the past. Breasts change shape slowly through our lives, and if you feel that your breasts are no longer representing you the way you’d like, a breast lift may be an option for you. Diet and exercise can solve many image problems, but for issues such as breast asymmetry, the only permanent solution may be surgery.

Achieve Balance

Dr. Burke has performed countless surgeries—but her approach to each individual surgery is as unique as each of her patients. Regardless of the size or shape of a woman’s breasts, Dr. Burke strives to give her patients a balanced, symmetrical pair of breasts. Asymmetry is more common than one might think. It is also extremely common for women who have had children and breastfed in the past.

Firm and Shapely

During a breast lift procedure, your own tissues and muscles will be adapted to a new, more youthful shape. If you are concerned about sagging breasts or an excess of skin, this procedure would address both of those issues. Over time, gravity changes how our breasts look and feel, and a breast lift procedure in Barrington, IL is specifically performed to address these issues.

Subtle Stitches

Ensuring a positive outcome is extremely important to Dr. Burke. To this end, when surgery is planned, she will do her best to reduce scarring. In some instances, the only incisions she would make would be under the breast, or around the areola. During a consultation with Dr. Renee Burke, you would learn about all of the different options for how a breast lift can be performed, and what method would be the best for your individual care.

Positive Procedures

Dr. Renee Burke takes the time during a consultation to ensure that as the breast lift, or mastopexy procedure, is planned, your goals and needs are met. Dr. Burke is Board Certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and she has extremely high standards for care and the quality of surgical work she does. Her expertise will become apparent to you during your consultation when Dr. Burke will discuss this procedure with you.Please contact Dr. Burke today to schedule your consultation if you are interested in learning more about the breast lift procedure.

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