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Skin Cancer Repair

Post Moh’s Surgery Repair

Treating skin cancer is often a two-phase approach: removing the cancerous tissue, then repairing the resulting defect in the skin with a vision for the best possible aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Burke uses specialized techniques to restore facial appearance following the removal of skin cancer lesions and Mohs’ surgery, which includes replacement of the removed skin with grafts or flaps of adjacent tissue, and the use of suture techniques to minimize visible scarring. The reconstruction is often performed the same day after Mohs’ skin cancer removal.

Skin Cancer near the Eye

Treatment to remove skin cancer near or on the eyelid requires specialized techniques to maintain natural function and appearance of the eyelids.

What to Expect from Skin Cancer Repair Surgery

Generally an outpatient procedure, skin cancer repair is commonly performed under local anesthesia possibly with mild sedation. You may engage in light activity the day after your surgery. A return to more normal activity may take 1-2 weeks. Your appearance will gradually refine over the following 6-8 weeks as the scars heal; secondary procedures including dermabrasion or laser treatments may be recommended to further improve your results.

Proper skin care and sun protection are essential during and after healing to maintain your results and skin health.

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