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Male Breast Reduction/ Gynecomastia Surgery


Excess breast tissue can impair self-confidence and be a source of embarrassment for men. Male Breast Reduction, also known as Correction of Gynecomastia, reduces the size of the male breast to achieve a flatter, more masculine-appearing chest.

Dr. Burke uses current techniques to correct gynecomastia including liposuction for smaller reductions. Tiny incisions inconspicuously placed within natural contours of the male chest are made in order to remove the fatty tissue that is causing the enlargement. Reduction of a greater volume of breast tissue or fibrous breast tissue may require incisions hidden around the nipple and areola.

What to Expect

Usually done on an outpatient basis, correction of gynecomastia is performed under general anesthesia. It may require an overnight stay when combined with other procedures.

Recovery depends on the extent of your procedure. Within a day or two you may return to normal daily activity. Fitness and more strenuous activity may resume within 2-4 weeks.

Results can be long-term, but weight loss/gain or natural aging may alter your appearance.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you would like more information about male breast reduction surgery with Dr. Burke, please give our office a call at (847) 382-4400 to schedule your consultation.